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Ard Mhor Advisors helps companies of all sizes develop a practical and risk-managed approach to new product development and business program planning.

Strategic Advisory.

Program Planning.

Business Execution.

Strategic Advisory

We provide our clients with pragmatic advice to help them assess, prepare and present their business initiatives.

Pragmatic operational excellence.

Program Planning

With decades of experience in designing, managing and delivering complex business programs, we help companies execute their strategic plans.

Business Execution

We help companies manage their go-to-market plans from ideation through to execution.

We are hands-on with helping to deliver business objectives, practicing what we teach.

We build businesses in partnership with our clients.

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About Us

Ard Mhor Advisors was founded to help a number of companies plan and deliver their core product offering to market. Today, we advise small startups, consulting and institutional clients on an array of matters regarding strategic advisory, business initiative planning and operational delivery. 


We have worked with many companies across Financial Services, Technology, Retail, Food & Drinks industries focusing on strategic and complex business program planning. We have also partnered with some of our clients to create value and to ensure our money is where our mouth is.